Activities and Events


Each year, our sub-Branch conducts several commemorative and community based activities and events including Anzac Sunday (parade and lunch), Anzac Day Dawn Service and march in the city, Remembrance Day, and Australia Day flag planting at the Castle Hill Cemetery and Castlebrook Memorial Park.

For more information on these and other commemorative events and how you can contribute, please contact our Vice President - Commemoration, Jim Wilson.


Community Activities

The sub-Branch conducts a wide variety of Sydney Hills community based activities including Legacy week, Homes for Heroes walks, and Relay for Life amongst many others.

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Gym Group

In 2004 the sub Branch approved the sponsorship of a veterans’ gym program to be conducted at the RSL Club’s gym facility.

This group meet at 1.30pm or 2.30pm on Monday and Thursday each week to train.

In 2018, the programme was extended to enable younger veteran members who were not able to attend the gym during normal business hours, to train at a time to suit the individual.  

The group training is conducted under the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor using the facilities of the Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre (CHFAC) for one hour on Mondays and Thursdays. New members commence the programme in the 1.30pm class. The Monday classes centre around aerobic and weight bearing activities and the Thursday classes are conducted in the downstairs pool and involve stretching, aerobic activities and a modified game of water polo.


For those who wish to train at a time to suit themselves, they are fully responsible for setting their own workout program. Support and advice can be provided by gym staff. 


All new members are interviewed by the sub Branch Gym Coordinator before they can commence. He will provide a detailed rundown of the programme and ensures that you are provided with the paperwork to enable you to be fully informed before commencing your get-fit programme. A Doctor’s Certificate is required by both the CHFAC and the RSL sub-Branch to ensure any existing health concerns are understood and can be taken into account by the Instructor.


The CHFAC requires all members to be a member of the Castle Hill RSL Club before they sign up to join the gym. They also require your membership fees to be paid in advance via a Bank authority direct to the gym.

As mentioned earlier, the RSL sub-Branch supports the programme by providing a refund of gym fees for those members who meet the following requirements. These requirements include;

  • Attending one sub-Branch General Meeting in each calendar quarter. General Meetings are held in the Club at 7.30 pm on the second Monday of each month, and

  • Attending a minimum of 70% of the available gym days over a six month period ending June and December. This is based on 2 visits per week minimum. If illness or injury prevents attendance, a Doctor’s certificate covering the problem, will be treated as an attendance if provided to the sub-Branch Gym Coordinator.

If these two conditions are met, the sub-Branch will reimburse the member with 60% of their gym fees for the preceding six month period.

It is the hope of the sub-Branch committee that new members will become engaged with the many activities undertaken by the sub-Branch and also utilise the services it provides to the veteran community. They also see the future of the Sub-Branch to be driven by the younger veterans in our community and seeks their input for it to meet the needs of the younger generation of veteran, whether male or female.


Should you be interested in joining one of the above activities or seek further details about having fun while improving your fitness while making new friends, please contact  Phill Evenden, our Gym Coordinator.

Social Activities

Bus Trips

Several one day or overnight trips are held each year. These are subsidised by the sub-Branch to allow members and partners to visit appropriate locations.

Christmas Lunch

Members and spouses gather for a Christmas lunch in the Club, subsidised by the sub-branch. We also conduct an event for Christmas in July.

Saturday Morning Tea 


Morning Teas are held several times a year with a guest speaker. This suits members who cannot get out at night for the monthly meeting but all are welcome. Best to book in for catering purposes. Partners welcome.

Please contact our Social Secretary, Barry Pareezer for more information on our social activities.

Day Club

Each Monday we have gentle exercises, quizzes, song time, card games, and various board games.

We always welcome new members along to our club on Mondays. We also provide transport.

Further information about the Club can be obtained from our Day Club Coordinator Jenny Kington on 0420 440 095 or Bill Driver (Assistant Coordinator) on 0413 455 526.

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